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    I’m presently spending 8 weeks in Bogota in Colombia as part of an externship. Colombia is a really beautiful country, at least much more different than Germany. All the filmland I’m posting are my own without any major photoshop. It really looks that great. I wo not give you any recommendations, just prints of my favorite places. They’re all worthwhile to visit.

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    • Medellin

    The cleanest and richest megacity in Colombia. If you’re from Europe you’ll like it then. Beautiful little thoroughfares with a lot of green. If you’re there, take the teleferico over the jungles and have this magnificent view over Medellin. Guatape was one of my best parts on my trip so far. You can climb a huge gemstone and you can see this magnificent geography. Definitely one of the most fantastic and beautiful effects I’ve seen in my life. Also if you’re into road art you’ll find that Medellin is full of it.

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    • Bogota

    At the Plaza Simón Bolivar you can feed the suckers and feel like a Disney queen. From Monseratte I had one of the stylish views of my life. analogous to Meddlin, the sheer size of these metropolises is mind- boggling. We do not have a lot of metropolises in Germany that come near to that. And not with a magnificent view like this. Try to check out Colombia’s highest cascade with 590m. It’s a 1 hour trip by machine down from Bogota. And the part you see of the cascade is only 130m high. The Museo del’ Oro or the gold gallery is the largest gold gallery in the world. On Sundays the entry is free. Worth your time for sure. I’ll add the picture later.

    • Tatacoa Desert

    My favorite place to visit. This ranks for me right behind Norway as the most beautiful and alien geography I ’ve ever seen. I assume the words speak for themselves. Great place to do horseback riding. It’s a lot of fun and provides a lot of options for cool prints like this bone. I call this the Hangman. You can walk in a dry swash bed which has incredibly intriguing gemstone conformations. They’re at the beach at the top until they transition over into gravestone. Really intriguing. Picture for reference. I could n’t take a picture of the night sky. My camera was too bad. But the sky there really came close to that. I saw the most beautiful sky full of thresholds that night. If you have no way of seeing anything close to that picture, also go there. I promise you wo n’t be disappointed.

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    I ’ve spent a lot of time in Bogota and I suppose I ’ve seen it all. That’s my list

    • Monserrate

    You take a string auto to the top. The views are magnificent. Though guard , locals believe if a couple goes to the top together, the relationship will be doomed.

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    • Adres Carne de Res in Chia

    ( NOT the bonein Bogota) An incredibly delightful dining, dancing, drinking experience. Take a hack and just pay him to stay for you.

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    • La Candelaria

    The oldest part of the megacity. While then you can travel the Bolero gallery, the Museo de Oro( Gold Museum), do lots of shopping and eat at amazing caffsI recommend “ El Gato Gris ” for the Spaghetti carbonara. Enjoy Bogota, it’s an amazing megacity.Still, go to Usaquen on Saturday or Sunday for the road jubilee, If you get a chance. And Parque 93 is a great place also.

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    How important time do you have? You have to understand that Michigan is the largest state east of the Mississippi Swash( and 11th overall). It’s a 10 hour drive from Luna Pier on Lake Erie, to Ironwood in the western most U.P. if you do not stop for anything. important of the “ must see sights ” are also spread out along the further than 3,000 long hauls of Great Lakes oceanfront. I hope you have a couple of months to sight see, Book your Cheap flights to Michigan with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals to Michigan).

    Let’s divide the list by 5 areas. 

    • The Detroit Area

     The Henry Ford includes the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village and the Rouge Plant Tour. The Detroit Zoo is one of the world’s largest ‘ deliverance ’ zoos and includes400 creatures and similar shows as a Penguinarium, aviary, butterfly house, Polar and Outback exhibits. The DIA( Detroit Institute of trades) ranks as one of the nation’s topmost. Detroit Riverfront and Belle Isle are well worth the time. Windsor, Ontario and Point Pelee National Park makes you appreciate the coming door to Canada. This should take about 7 days. 

    •  The Southern Half of the Lower Peninsula 

    The Dow auditoriums in Midland and the Frederick Meijer auditoriums in Grand Chute are truly beautiful. Check out the other metropolises on the internet for their lodestones and carnivals, i.e. Holland’s Tulip Festival. The 2 to 7 days will depend on you. 

    •  The Northern Lower

     This is where much of Michigan thinks of when we say ‘ Up North ’. This area includes Sleeping Bear Stacks National Lakeshore. This is where numerous of Michigan’s stations and vineyards are located( along with the southwest section). This area has numerous of our golf courses. Timbers interspersed with granges covers much of this part of the state. You can drive through many hours or kick back and spend the summer on one of the numerous beautiful lakes. BTW National Geographic declared Torch Lake to be the most beautiful lake IN THE WORLD. 

    • The Straits of Mackinac 

    This area includes Mackinac Island( including the Grand Hotel and Fort Mackinac) Fort Michilimackinac, Mill Creek Historic Park, Headlands International Dark Sky Park, Father Marquette National Memorial and the longest suspense ground in the Western Semicircle, the( duh) Mackinac Bridge. Take 3 days or a week if you can go.

    • The U.P.( Upper Peninsula) 

    This is where the native Yoopers will relatively correctly tell you 906 is God’s area law. Let me just list some of the great beauty Tahquamenon Falls, Kitch- iti- kipi( Big Springs) Fayette State Park, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Isle Royale National Park, Keweenaw National Literary Demesne and everything in between them. I suppose you could do it in a week if you skip Isle Royale. Good Luck! I ’ve been going to the UP since I was in diapers and I still have not seen all the falls, strands, ghost municipalities and other lodestones of God’s Country.

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    Canberra has two universities 

    1. Australian National University 
    2. Canberra University 

    Australian National University-  is a most high profile University and has a world ranking around twenty. It has two distinct corridor exploration and tutoring. The exploration part is engaged substantially in abecedarian and applied exploration; while the tutoring part is like any normal university. 

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     The Canberra University- was a College of Advance Education( CAE) which was analogous to numerous CAEs in England. It later came to University. The advantage of Canberra University is it imparts practical education to undergraduates and that makes the scholars job ready. The reason for this is numerous staff has practical experience to their credit


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    Hi, It’s depends one what you like and what you’re looking for

    Do you want some strands and hot rainfall?

    It’s Cartagena. The rainfall on the Caribbean Coast is frequently really warm and sticky( a little too much in Cartagena). still you can have some heavy rains in May and October/ November

    There’s also no sand near the old city. You have to take a machine or a boat to go to Isla Baru, Rosario islets or indeed better the Archipelago of San Bernardo.

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    Do you want to party?

    It’ll be Bogota. Bogota starts to be really notorious for Electronic music. You can go out to “ la zona Rosa, also called la Zona T ”. It’s a really safe quarter with a lots of bars and cafes. It’s one of the “ enthusiastic ” quarters of Bogota. It’s really delightful Thursday. You also have the quarter La Candelaria. It’s where all the caravansaries are. Be careful, it’s really dangerous at night. Take always a hack or walk in a big group. You can also go out to.

    • Armando Records
    • Tonala( Cine and club)
    • Latino Power
    • Andrés Carne de res
    • Video Club
    • Asilo bar
    • Baum
    • El Candelario
    • La quiebra canto( salsa)
    • Octava
    • Cachao( salsa)
    • Bogota Beer Company( a many in the megacity)

    Do you want to visit a nice megacity?

    It’s Cartagena. The old city was innovated in the 16th century. Places, cobblestone thoroughfares and veritably various. The quarter of Getsemani is really nice for its good vibes during the night and its road art, Book your Cheap Flights from Abu Dhabi to Bogota with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals from Abu Dhabi to Bogota)..

    Do you want to visit a museum?

    It’s Bogota. As a capital with nearly 9 millions of occupants, you have a lot of choices between the gallery( and not only the gold gallery)

    Do you like to switch landscapes?

    Around Bogota, you’ll visit different kinds of places. You can go to Sogamoso( Tota Lake, Paramo de Oceta), to Suesca( Outdoor Climbing), to Villa de Leyva( Colonial Town) or San Gil( Extreme Sport)

    Around Cartagena, you have the choices between the islets( San Bernardo, Isla Baru, Rosario) and the Sierra Nevada( Tayrona Park, Lost megacity Trek), Minca( Coffee stint), Book your Cheap Flights from Abuja to Bogota with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals from Abuja to Bogota).

    Hope it’ll help in your selection.

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    I’m an American and have traveled in Colombia for over 3 months in 2022 and these are some effects which I’ve learnt during my stay in Colombia.

    • It’s called “ COLOMBIA ” and not ‘ Columbia ’.
    • It’s a Spanish speaking country. Many people speak English in this country. I was surprised to see that indeed the immigration officers at the field or the Police officers at the help office do n’t understand or speak any English. So learn many common words in Spanish like ‘ Hola( hi) ’, ‘ Donde es( where is( name of the place)?) ’, ‘ Gracias( thank you) ’, ‘ mucho ginger( my pleasure) ’.

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    • It’s a safe country to travel as opposed to its image as shown by the media. Although, there are times where you should follow your common sense and ignore going to certain places after dark.

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    • Do n’t hesitate to ask for help. Colombians are the most friendly and helpful people I’ve ever seen. They go out of the way to help you. Indeed if you speak a little Spanish, they will help you out with directions. Just ask!

    • You’ll be bedazzled by its geographies andbio-diversity.
    • Salsa and Football. Be set to groove on some Salsa and roar your heart out during a football match while belting some beers. Book your Cheap Flights from Accra to Bogota with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals from Accra to Bogota).
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    Sydney is one of the most beautiful, oldest and biggest megacities in Australia. It has world class caffs, cafes, escapism, shopping places etc. Sightseeing is the major reason the utmost of the sightseer is heading towards this joyous megacity, Book your Flights Adelaide to Sydney with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals From Adelaide to Sydney).

    Top Sydney Sightseeing lodestones

    Opera House:– It’s a heritage point located at Sydney Harbour in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. girdled by water having shapes like shells or jutting cruises. It’s the most notorious 20th century structure, designed by Danish mastermind Jørn Utzon. It can host up to500 performances annually and can attend to more than1.2 million people.

    Harbour Bridge:- ” Coat Hanger” is what we call it in our original language. One of the world’s largest sword bow ground erected in 1932. It connects the harbor’s north and south props in a single wind rising 134 meters( relatively amazing) above the water. It has two rail lines and an eight lane road business. There are multiple ways to go on top of the ground and you can see the view of the megacity.

    Nimrods Valley :- Drive for 3 hours north you’ll find the huntsman vale, Australia’s oldest wine region.

    Beautiful Blue Mountains:- To the west lie the Blue Mountains, its a home of dramatic decor . Enjoy the beautiful view with your woman or with your gal.

    strands :- ” Bondi” of course in my opinion is the most amazing sand in Sydney. You can reach via beautiful congoo to Bondi walk, there are plenty of places to stop for swimming.

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    Before you plan an uplifting holiday In Atlanta, let’s get a grasp of what the megacity is each about. There are a number of lodestones that are great if you’re visiting with your mate, or indeed with your kiddies. From its brilliant wall oils which are shown around the megacity to its extraordinary food choice, then are the top provocations. It also is the capital of the radiant state of Georgia, United States, Book your Cheap Flights from Cleveland to Atlanta with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals from Cleveland to Atlanta).

    What Does It Offer?

    Highlighting some of the facts:

    Atlanta no doubt offers a monstrous compass of rubberneck areas and common spots to near individualities.

    It guarantees you a decent place for getting down for sightseeing from around the world.

    You’ll find the stylish show lobbies and galleries then in Atlanta.

    The art depiction of this megacity. It portrays the greatness of South American traditions to the godly feathers of the south.

    Georgia Aquarium

    One of Atlanta Georgia’s biggest landmarks is the Aquarium. The terrarium is a must- visit if you’re traveling with kiddies. Grown-ups too are likely to find some of the guests to be particularly stirring in nature.

    The Aquarium also plays a major part in the conservation sweats of marine life. However, you’ll be suitable to see fantastic submarine creatures like-

    If you’re traveling to the Aquarium Sharks

    1. Beluga jumbos
    2. Alligators
    3. Dolphins
    4. Penguins
    5. Sea Lions
    6. Manta Ray

    Martin Luther King Jr. National major point

    launch at the guest place and subsequently work your way around the three primary destinations in this noteworthy demesne

    1. The home wherein the head of the Civil Rights development in America was conceived.
    2. The congregation where he harangued
    3. The fidelity point where he’s covered.
    4. A significant Atlanta seductiveness, the recreation center draws around millions of guests every time and still has not gotten old for a sightseer spot.
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    While a small state, West Virginia’s odd shape, borders, and roads can frequently make crucial spots relatively far piecemeal in avail and time getting there. Recommending the stylish point to visit in God’s Country really depends on where you’ll be in West Virginia anyway, how important time you have, whether you’ll just be sightseeing or want to share in an exertion, time of time, particular interests, Book your Cheap flights to Virginia with (When I visited this website, I found affordable flight deals to Virginia).

    All effects considered, I recommend going to the New River Gorge near Fayetteville, enjoy the jaw dropping decor , and go whitewater rafting, hiking, or zip- filling. 

    But also again, I ride a motorcycle; any number of backwood routes in the central eastern part of the State( suppose areas like Route 50, Canaan Valley, Webster Springs, etc) are fantastic. 

    Still, the stylish kept secret is the State Museum at the Culture Center on the Capitol/ capitol grounds, Charleston, If you want to learn about the State. 

    But you’ll as also be hugely amazed at jingoists Nest and riddle Hole, Grandview, Harpers Ferry, Seneca Rocks, Dolly Sods, a Mountaineer football or basketball game, skiing at Snowshoe, a Mountain Stage performance, Blenko Glass Factory, The Greenbrier, the Weston insane shelter( stint) and near winery, the Moundsville Penitentiary( stint), or the closest state demesne or timber.  

     Enjoy; it’s nearly Heaven. And do n’t forget to get a hot canine with chili and slaw one day and a pepperoni roll the next day. 


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    I ’ll prolong this by saying I do not like hot, 90 degree plus, muggy rainfall. So if you are like me, this advice applies to you. 

      The absolute stylish time rainfall wise to visit Miami is between late November and all the way through the end of February, before the spring combers start coming in. Late October and early November are generally okay, but that’s at the tail end of hurricane season- so anticipate to see a lot of rain( although with lower chances than in the summer) and a lot of hurricane plodders. 

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    Still, even though it opens up from March through May, the rainfall starts to get unwelcome again in the morning of May, If you enjoy the whole party scene. You have spring break, the Ultra Music jubilee, Memorial Day weekend, and colorful other conditioning- although the locals tend to stay far down from Miami Beach for Memorial Day. The rest of the time, specifically June through September/ October is just too hot and muggy with heavy rains in the late morning/ autumn

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