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  • Brong Asked on February 25, 2020 in Flower.

    watch with pink roses
    The ROSE is known as Flower of God.

    beautiful lovely rose red color

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  • Brong Asked on February 25, 2020 in Flower.



    Red rose natural red rose


    best image red rose wallpaper




    wonderfull white rose with water pearls

    watch with pink roses

    a beautiful red rose family wallpaper

    beautiful lovely rose red color

    The queen of flowers in India is ROSE.

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  • Brong Asked on February 18, 2020 in Education & Reference.

    Start off by making enquiries. Nothing can beat the power of information. Approach the school authorities first. Find out if they are offering any after school activities. Get a list of the various classes that are available in your school. In case the school does not provide any extracurricular activities for the child, approach your neighbors. Collect information about any after school programs, the quality of the courses taught and the timings etc. Also, check out some of the community resources. These may include places of worship, community centers, Museums, libraries, the YMCA, The Boys and Girls Club etc.

    After you have colleted all the necessary information, discuss the various options with your child. Find out what his interests are. The best way to find out what is most suitable is to ask your child. When little children are too small, you cannot completely rely on their feedback. In this case, monitor the development of the child on a regular basis. If the child shows excessive resistance to an activity, it may be necessary to look for other options. Always consider your family’s schedule when planning the extracurricular activities. If it is difficult for you to chauffeur your child, you may want to employ tutors at home or conduct some activity at home itself.

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  • Comment is the verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction.

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  • Brong Asked on December 17, 2019 in Life Style.

    Of course, Why not?
    I like Online Shopping.

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  • Brong Asked on November 26, 2019 in Sex.

    How Happy are those in their 60’s with their Sex Life?

    Ha Ha Ha, A great question.

    It may surprise you to find out how happy many people in their 60’s are with their sex life. This is due to people living longer lives than ever before due to effective health care. We also know how important it is to take care of our bodies. Sex isn’t something that has to go out the window just because you have aged. In fact, more people that are 60 years of age or older are having a great time with it than you might think.

    The act of those over 60 enjoying sex isn’t something new though like many people think. What has changed though is that there is more freedom to talk about it and to express information about it. You can even find places online where these people are talking about their sexual feelings and experiences. There are also many people in this age group still dating.

    Since they are on the dating scene, it is reasonable to expect that they will one day take those relationships to another level. They can have a very satisfying sexual lifestyle that helps keep them both young and vibrant. In fact, there is information to suggest that the more sexually active individuals are as they get older the happier they will be.

    Not everyone in this age group is happy with their sex life though. Women tend to have more problems with it then men. This is because there are more women in those older age groups than men. Not all of them are comfortable being with younger men due to how they feel society is going to see it. Yet there is really nothing wrong with it if both parties are happy with the relationship.

    For males, the inability to maintain an erection is the number one reason why they aren’t happy with their sex life in their 60’s. Yet there are many ways in which this problem can be resolved. Most doctors can help men get to the core of the issue and then let them know what options they have. Just because a person is older and things aren’t working on their own like they one did doesn’t mean you have to let it continue to be that way.

    Being sexually intimate is a great way to for older individuals to feel that they are loved and appreciated. They certainly don’t want to be lonely as they get older. Even if they do have friends and family, nothing can make you feel as wonderful as the respect and admiration from someone else. It is a good feeling to know someone desires you sexually as well.

    Don’t under estimate the power of having a sex life you are happy with at any age. It can only become more rewarding as an individual gets older. If you are over 60 and not happy with your sex life, then you do have the power to change it. Take an honest look at what you are happy with and what you aren’t.

    Once you have done this, evaluate what can be done to change it. These factors will fall into one of three categories – what you can do on your own, what you can do with your partner, and what you can change with the help of your doctor. Those things you can change on your own include your attitude towards sex, your feelings towards your body, and getting into touch with your feelings.

    You can make sex more rewarding when you are older by asking your partner to tell you what they need to make it more pleasurable. At the same time, express what the do that turns you on and what you need more of. If you find you don’t enjoy sex like you used to then you should speak to your doctor about what can be done.

    Hope you  can understand now.

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  • Brong Asked on November 17, 2019 in Travel.

    Thanks you very much for your valuable questions because before you travel to Agra in India, you  must need to know what you will see and where you need to go and how much it cost. 

    What to see in Agra, India?

    Nobody visiting Agra will want to miss the most famous of its landmarks, the Taj Mahal. After that, it is only a short distance to Fort Agra, yet another marvel in architecture. Indeed, India is full of such wonders, a testament to the rich and ancient culture that inhabits this area of the world.

    The Taj Mahal stands calm and breathtaking, on a raised marble platform, by the banks of the Yamuna, testifying to the timelessness of art and love. Its pure white marble shimmers silver in the soft moonlight, exudes a shell – pink glow at dawn, and at the close of the day, takes on the tawny, fiery hue of the majestic sun.

    Shahjahan built the monument in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, the ‘lady of the Taj’, who died giving birth to their 14th child. It has been called the most extravagant monument ever built for the sake of love. The construction of the Taj commenced in 1631, and was completed in 1653. Workers were gathered from all over the country and from Central Asia, and about 20,000 people were recruited to translate this wild dream into a reality.

    The main architect was Isa Khan, who was brought all the way from Shiraz in Iran. After he was deposed and brutally imprisoned in the Agra Fort, by his son Aurangzeb, Shahjahan spent the rest of his life looking wistfully at his wife’s final resting place, just across the river. The Taj remains a symbol of eternal love where the heart – broken Shahjahan was subsequently buried, re-united finally with his beloved Mumtaz.

    Among the other monuments that Agra takes pride in is the Agra Fort. Armed with massive double walls, punctuated by four gateways, the fort houses palaces, courts, mosques, baths, gardens and gracious pavilions lie within its premises. The palace is also notable for its smooth blending of Hindu and central Asian architectural styles.

    You can see the Taj Mahal in the full-moon to see the wonderful scene of Taj Mahal.


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  • Brong Asked on October 27, 2019 in Life Style.

    There are many reasons why astrology is important to your life and the lives of others. You will need to understand that astrology has influences our lives for centuries. There are many cultures that used astrology to make important decisions, such as crowing a King. You will also find it interesting to know that many artists and writers would use astrology as a way to influence them to end creator’s block. You will also find that there are facts supporting that dictators like Hitler would make his battle moves according to the way that the stars and planets interacted with each other. You will want to keep in mind that these events have shaped and formed our present. You would not be living in a world like your world without the use of astrology. If the Allies were not able to figure out how Hitler made his moves, we all may not be living in a free world. This is just one of the examples of how astrology as made our world.

    As for personal gain, you will find that there are a lot of ways that you can gain personally from the use of astrology. The most important benefit to astrology is the fact that you will be able to work on yourself. You will be able to take care of things like self actualization and self development when you look at astrology. You will find that astrology is very important to others, but you it should be just as important to you. It is the one thing that you can use to define who you are. You will be able to define not only what is important to you, but also what you can do to make your future better. You will be able to see how far you have come and how far life will take you by simply tracking your sign chart and also using astrology for your future choices. You will notice that there are patterns to both positive events and negative events that will help you to foresee the future.

    For those who are not aware, astrology has been used just as much as Christianity in order to find self actualization and also inner acceptance and peace. You will want to keep in mind that there are some things that you will want to change about yourself, but you just can’t seem to do so. It could be that these are natural characteristics.

    For those who have heard of the phrase, “Hard habits die hard”, you will be able to understand this saying when you do research for your astrological advancement. You will be able to understand that there are just some things that come natural to your sign and that is why you act the way that you do. It’s time for acceptance. You will want to make sure that you consider ways that you can benefit from the astrology, like accepting yourself. It’s hard to let your flaws go, but it’s harder for you to try to fake who you are.

    You will need to keep in mind that there are a lot of things that are important to you. You will also find that there are just as important factors of life that can be interpreted with astrology. You will be able to find out if your marriage will be strong, if your friendship will work out, and if you are the person who you are born to be. This is all because of the study and use of astrology. You will end up owing everything to astrology. You will want to take control of your life through the study of astrology.

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  • Thanks for the question. The best thing about blogging is that there are no rules. You can write about anything you want. A self-publisher’s dream! There are some things you can do though to maximize your Google Adsense profits. Narrow your subject. Don’t just write about shopping. Write about shopping for antique dresser drawer pulls. Write every day. Have a blog at more than one site. If you develop a readership, you’re more likely to increase your profits.

    Write about something you know or want to know or at the very least care about. If you try to write a great blog based on a “hot keyword” yet it’s something you could care less about, you’ll likely not stay with it long. Experiment and see what works for you. You can write based on your own opinion or something factual. You can review a product or service or a movie. Read other people’s blogs and notice how many reads they’re getting. Above all, have fun. After all, it’s free and if you’re persistent you’ll see your Google Adsense dollars adding up.

    Hope this tips will be helpful for you.

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  • Thanks for the question.
    This is that famous video  “I have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr“. This is very famous speech by #Martin_Luther_King, Jr on Jobs and Freedom which was deliberated at 1963.

    I Have A Dream  is a famous speech by Martin Luther King, Jr on Jobs and Freedom. Actually, I Have A Dream – Address Delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom by Martin Luther King,

    Watch this video.
    I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous speech on Jobs and Freedom (Full Video)


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