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  • Thanks for your questions. I this is a important questions for all because we all go to hotel or restaurant more or less. actually It depends on the style of the restaurant. If it’s an upscale restaurant with full table service, the check is always presented at the end of the meal.

    Fast food or dry food: obviously, pay and go. But there’s also a growing trend of placing an order at a counter, paying, and then having the food served (you could say, “delivered”) to the table, with some additional but limited service, like refilling drinks. I’ve heard this referred to as “fast casual,” which is an expansion of a category that usually refers to table service restaurants featuring quick order/service/check settlement for families on the move.

    Another side is, There’s one payment style that seems limited to diners, mom ‘n pops, and barbecue joints—and it’s decidedly on the wane. This is a restaurant where you pick a table and receive full basic service. There’s usually no alcohol (Greek diners throughout the northeast and New England being notable exceptions) and at the end of the meal, you take your ticket to the cash register counter by the door and pay Ethel, who’s perched there on a stool just as she has been for the last 35 years. She can also sell you some TicTacs, a Butterfinger, or–quite often–a roll of Tums. (Ethel is sometimes a mostly-bald guy named Tony.)

    The decision is made by the creator of the restaurant concept, and is usually based on the market they wish to reach.

    Hope you have got pity idea on your questions.

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