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  • What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of improving the rank or visibility of a website or webpage in search engines. Web administrators employ SEO because of the theory that the more frequent that a site appears on the first page of a search engine (whenever a user searches), the more probable that it will be visited and read by a user.

    SEO is a type of search engine marketing that helps promote web presence. With this, your products and services will be within view of prospective customers. It covers various types of searches. This includes local search, image search, video search and others.

    SEO Technique

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  • To browse intelligence sims 4 or play this game you much need a Computer or gaming laptop. It has to be on a computer, yes. tablets are limited in what you can do with them.

    Later on, your secret agents will unlock rather more fun pc interactions, just like the ability to collect information on different sims (which helps you to discover one in all their traits and offers some sometimes pretty funny flavor text, too). conjointly get some new mischief interactions to use on different sims, permanently or unhealthy.

    just know, if you go the villain path at the split, that’s the sole job that goes up to eleven, which last further level of the career will want associate absolute slog. tho’ it unlocks one in all my favorite outfits within the game.

    Thanks you very much for your question.

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  • Brong Asked on August 31, 2018 in Internet.

    How to whitelist EarthLink email, If you are not receiving email at EarthLink, there are two actions you can take.

    – Check Suspect Email folder
    – Add Support to your address book.

    With EarthLink, if you have SpamBlocker turned on, suspect messages are automatically send to your Suspect Email folder if the Domain is not in your address book.

    Suspect Email Folder:
    – While in the Suspect Email folder, if you see Support.
    – Select the Move to Inbox and Add Contact option from the drop down menu.
    – This will add  to your Address Book for future email delivery assurance.

    Address Book Inclusion:
    – Open the email.
    – Click Add to Address Book in the email header.
    – Use the Address Book Editor to verify the sender’s contact details and click save.
    – Fill in info@linkworld.ud  as the email address of the sender.
    – Any mail sent with the same Domain (right of the @ sign) will now be delivered to your Inbox.

    Mozilla Thunderbird
    How to whitelist Mozilla Thunderbird email.

    Please open your Thunderbird email client:
    If an email from Support appears in your Junk Folder:
    Please mark that message as Not Junk.
    Next, please add Support to your Address Book:
    – Click the Address Book button.
    – Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted.
    – Click the New Contact button.
    – Under the Contact tab, copy and paste the “From” address,  into the email text box.
    – Click OK.


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  • Brong Asked on July 12, 2018 in Pets.

    This answer comes from Helen smithers, G+ Community Animal Lovers.

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    I have 6 dogs I don’t know if I could forgive my husband if he killed one of my dogs we have been married for 30 years so go with your heart the only way my husband would kill one of ours is if it bit a child and I am not sure he would then I don’t think I could forgive a boyfriend.

    +Helen smithers That means, you love your dog more than your boyfriend.
    Am I right?

    +Answers Mode Yes, of course.


    I’m thinking about her. Where is humanity? A dog’s life/love is more valuable than humans life/love. According to greatest Allah, Human is his best creations. But we love animal not human.
    Is this our mentality?
    This questions for all human being………..

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  • Thanks for your questions. I have collected some common and favorite name for your child. you can see this list below and select a name for your child.  This name list is used by Indian people.

    Aakash: Sky
    Aashish: Blessing
    Abhay / Abheek: Fearless
    Abhijay: Victor
    Abhilash: Wish/ Desire
    Abhiraj: Fearless king
    Abimanyu: Arjuna’s Son
    Abhishek: Ritual
    Acharya: Who teaches by example
    Acyuta: Lord Krishna / Invincible
    Acyutananda: Insatiable bliss / One who never falls
    Adarsh: Ideal
    Adhiraj: King
    Adil: Sincere
    Adit: First born
    Advaita: One of Lord Chaitanya’s associates
    Advay: Unique
    Agasthya: Name of a sage
    Ajay: Unconquered
    Ajit: Victorious
    Akaram: One who is without karma
    Akash: Sky
    Akhil: Complete
    Akhilesh: Lord & master
    Akrura: Refined
    Akshar: Letter
    Akshay: Immortal
    Alok: Brightness
    Amal: Pure / Hope / Aspiration
    Amalendu: Pure like the moon
    Amalesh: Pure
    Aman: Peace
    Amar / Amartya: Immortal
    Ambuj: Lotus
    Amir: Rich
    Amish: Pure
    Amit: Limitless
    Amogh: Lord Ganesh
    Amol / Amolik / Amul: Priceless
    Amrit: Nectar
    Amshu: Atom
    Anadi: Eternal
    Anand: Joy / Bliss
    Anant: Joyful / Unending
    Anantdev: Unlimited Lord
    Anek: Many
    Angir: Name of a sage
    Animesh: Bright
    Anirudh: Boundless
    Anirvan: Undying
    Ankur: Glow
    Ankush: Control
    Anmol: Priceless
    Anram: Continuous
    Anshuman: Sun
    Anuj: Younger brother
    Anupam: Unique / Uncomparable
    Anurag: Love
    Arjit: Earned
    Aravind / Arvind: Lotus
    Arjun: Lord Krishna’s cousin / One of the Pandav brothers
    Arnav: The sea
    Arpan: Offering
    Arshad: Heavenly
    Arun: Sun
    Ashank: Faith
    Asheem: Boundless
    Ashish: Blessing
    Ashok: Without sorrow
    Ashram: Four social divisions
    Ashwin: A star
    Atal: Unshakeable
    Atma: Soul
    Atmanand: Blissful
    Atraiu: Great warrior
    Atul: Uncomparable
    Avijit: Invincible
    Avilash: Faithful
    Avinash: Immortal / Inconquerable
    Ayush: Long-lived

    Daiwik: By the grace of God
    Dakshi: The glorious
    Daman: Controller
    Damodar: Lord Krishna
    Danvir: Charitable
    Darpan: Mirror
    Darshan: Paying respect
    Dashrath: Father of Lord Ram
    Dashrathi: Lord Rama
    Dayaram: Merciful
    Debashish: The Lord’s blessing
    Debjit: One who has conquered Gods
    Deep: Light
    Deepak: Lamp
    Dev / Deva: Divinity
    Devaj / Devang: From God
    Devak: Divine
    Devayan: Journey of / to the Gods
    Devdarsh: Worshipper of God
    Devkumar: Son of God
    Devraj: King of the Gods
    Devrat: Spiritual
    Dhairya: Patience
    Dhananjay: Arjuna
    Dhanraj: King of wealth
    Dhimant: Intelligent
    Dhir: Wise
    Dhiraj: Patience
    Dhruv: Firm
    Dinesh: Sun
    Dipendu: Moon
    Diptanshu: Sun
    Divyesh: Full of divinity
    Dulal: Loved one
    Dushyant: Destroyer of evil

    Gadadhar: One of Lord Chaitanya’s associates
    Gagan: Sky
    Gajendra: Elephant king
    Gandhi: Sun
    Gandhik: Fragrance
    Ganesh: Son of Lord Shiva
    Ganpati: Lord Ganesha
    Garud: Lord Vishnu’s bird carrier
    Gaurang: Melody / Lord Chaitanya / Fair-bodied
    Gaurav: Prestige
    Gaurhari: Lord Chaitanya
    Gaurkeshav: Krishna with a golden complexion
    Gaurnitai: Lord Chaitanya
    Gaurshakti: Lord Chaitanya’s Power
    Gaursundar: Lord Chaitanya
    Gautam: Lord Buddha
    Giri: Mount
    Giridhar: Lord Krishna / Holder of the mountain
    Giriraj: Lord of the mountains / Govardhan
    Gopal: Lord Krishna
    Gopesh: Lord Krishna
    Gopinath: Krishna / Lord of the Gopis
    Goral: Lovable
    Govind/ Govinda: Lord Krishna
    Grishm: Heat
    Gunamay / Gunin / Gunvant: Virtuous
    Gurudatt: Bestowed by a Guru
    Guruprasad: Guru’s mercy

    Hanuman: Son of the god of wind
    Hardik: Full of love
    Hari: Lord Krishna
    Haridas: One of Lord Chaitanya’s associates
    Harij: The horizon
    Harikesh: Lord Krishna
    Haripreet: Beloved of Gods
    Harjit: Victor
    Haroon: Hope
    Harsh: Joy
    Harshad: Happy
    Harshit: Joyful
    Hasan: Laughter
    Hasmukh: Full of cheer
    Hayagriv: Lord Krishna
    Hemant: Winter
    Hemdev: Lord of wealth
    Hemen: The king of gold
    Hemish: Lord of the earth
    Hemraj: King of wealth
    Hetal: Cheerful
    Hiranya: Lord Vishnu
    Hiresh: King of precious stones
    Hitendra: Well wisher
    Hriday: Heart
    Hrishikesh: Lord Vishnu

    Kailash: Mountain / Abode of Lord Shiva
    Kairav: White lotus
    Kalyan: Fortunate
    Kanaiya: Lord Krishna
    Kanvar: Prince
    Kapil: Sage / Sun
    Kapoor: Saffron
    Karmjit: Winner over obstacles
    Karn: The Pandavas half brother
    Kartik: Month of intense meditation
    Karunesh: Lord of mercy
    Kashinath: Lord Shiva
    Kashyap: A sage and friend of Pandavas
    Kaushik: A wise sage
    Kavi: Poet
    Kaviraj: King of the Poets
    Kavin: Handsome / Beautiful
    Ketak: Flower
    Ketubh: Cloud
    Keshav: Lord Krishna
    Kewal: Only
    Khushal: Happy
    Kiran: Sun rays
    Kirit: Crown
    Kirtan: A form of worship
    Kirti: Fame
    Kirtiraj: King of Fame
    Kirtin: Celebrated
    Kishan: Lord Krishna
    Kishore: Young Boy / Lord Krishna
    Kovidh: Wise
    Kripal: Compassionate
    Krishna: Lord Krishna
    Kritanu: Skilled
    Kshantu: Patient
    Kshiraj: Nectar
    Kumar: Son
    Kunsh: Shining
    Kunwar: Prince
    Kushanu: Fire
    Kuval: Wisdom
    Kuvam: Sun

    Madan: Delightful / Enchanter
    Madhav: Lord Krishna
    Madhu: Honey
    Madhu Mangal: Krishna’s friend
    Madhu Pandit: Lord Chaitanya’s associate
    Madhusudan: Lord Krishna
    Madan Mohan: Delightful / Enchanter / Lord Krishna
    Mahadev: Lord Shiva
    Mahant: Great
    Mahavir: Lord Hanuman
    Mahendra: Lord Vishnu
    Mahesh: Lord Shiva
    Mahit: Honoured
    Malank: King
    Manas: Powers
    Manav: Man
    Mangal: Auspicious
    Mani: Gem
    Manik: Ruby
    Manish: Lord of the mind
    Murari: Another name for Lord Krishna
    Manit: Highly respected
    Manmohan: Lord Krishna
    Mannan: Thought
    Manu: Sage (Author of Manusmriti)
    Martand: Sun
    Maruti: Lord Hanuman
    Maulik: Precious
    Mayur: Peacock
    Meer: Chief
    Meet: Friend
    Mehal: Cloud
    Mehul: Rain
    Mihir: Sun rays
    Mikul: Comrade
    Milan: Meeting/ Joining
    Miland: Bee
    Milit: Comradship
    Mitrajit: Friendly
    Mitul: Friend
    Mohak: Attractive
    Mohan: Lord Krishna
    Mohit: Charming
    Mukund: Lord Krishna

    Narendra: King of man
    Naresh: King
    Narottam: Best among men
    Naruna: Leader of men
    Navadvip: New island
    Navadweep: New lamp
    Navaj: Newly born
    Naveen / Navin: New
    Navendu: New moon
    Navin Nirad: Lord Krishna
    Navrang: Colourful
    Nayakan: Hero
    Nayan: Eye
    Nibodh: Wisdom
    Nihal: Content
    Nikash: Horizon
    Nikhil: Complete / whole / entire
    Nikunj: Loving home
    Nadish: Ocean
    Nagaraj: Lord Shiva
    Nakul: One of the Pandav brothers
    Namacharya: Haridas Thakur
    Naman: Renowned
    Narayan: Lord Vishnu
    Nilay: Haven / House
    Nil Madhav: Blue complexioned Lord Krishna
    Nimai: Lord Chaitanya / Born under a Neem tree
    Nimish: Momentary
    Nipun: Expert
    Nirad: Cloud
    Nirahankar: Without false ego
    Niranjan: Colorless
    Nirav: Silent
    Nirbhay / Nirbhik: Fearless
    Nirek: Superior
    Nirmal: Clean
    Nirmay: Pure
    Nishith: Night
    Nitai: Lord Nityanand
    Nitai Charan: Lotus feet of Lord Nityanand
    Nitin: New
    Nityanand: Perennially happy
    Nridev: King amongst men
    Nrsingh: Lord Nrisinghadev

    Pallav: Leaf
    Panav: Prince
    Parag: Pollen
    Param: Ultimate
    Paran: Life
    Paranjoy: Conqueror of Life
    Paramatma: Supersoul
    Palash: A fiery orange colored flower / tree bearing such flower
    Paramhans: Swan-like / One who can extract the essence
    Purushottam: Lord Vishnu / Best among men
    Paramjit: Heroic
    Parikshit: Proven / King
    Parmeet: Wisdom
    Parth: Another name of worrior Arjuna
    Parthasarathi: Krishna / Arjuna’s charioteer
    Patag: Sun
    Patit Pavan: Savior of the most fallen
    Pavanaj: Lord Hanuman
    Pavitram: One who is pure
    Pehlaj: First born
    Phalak: Sky
    Pinak: Bow of Shiva
    Prabal: Strong
    Prabhakar: Sun
    Prabhu: God
    Prabodh: Consciousness
    Pradhi: Intelligent
    Pradyun: Radiant
    Prahalad: Bliss
    Prahlad: Great devotee of the Lord
    Prajit: Winning
    Prakash: Light
    Prakrit: Nature / Handsome
    Prakul: Good-looking
    Pramod: Joy
    Pran: Life / Force
    Pranav: Symbol
    Pranay / Pranoy: Love
    Pranjivan: Life
    Prasad: Devotional offering
    Pravin: Expert / Skilled
    Pravit: Hero
    Prem: Love
    Premal: Loving
    Prem Siddhi: Perfection of Love
    Pritam: Lover / Darling / Loved one
    Prithvi: Earth
    Pukhraj: Topaz
    Puneet: Pure
    Punit: Holy
    Puran: Complete
    Puru: Heaven

    Raahi: Traveller
    Rajeev: Lotus
    Rajesh: King
    Rajit: Brilliant
    Rajnish / Rakesh: Moon
    Raktambar: Bloody Sky
    Ram: Lord Rama
    Rambhadra: Lord Rama
    Ramchandra: Lord Rama
    Ramai: Lord Ram
    Radhacharan: Lotus feet of Radharani
    Radha Govind: Lord Krishna
    Radhanath: Lord Krishna
    Radha Raman: Lord Krishna
    Rahul: Capable Bond
    Rajat: Courage
    Rajdeep: Best of kings
    Ramanuj: Younger to Lord Rama
    Ramaprasad: Lord Ram’s mercy
    Rana: Joy / Jewel / To gaze / Look
    Ranajay: Victorious
    Ranak: King
    Randhir: Brave
    Ranjit: Victor
    Ranjiv: Victorious
    Rasabihari: Lord Krishna
    Rasaparayan: Lord Krishna
    Rasaraj: Lord Krishna
    Rashmi: Sun rays
    Rasik: Elegance
    Rasul: Angel
    Ravi: Sun
    Ravindra: Sun
    Ravindra Svarup: Like sun
    Ravish: Sun ray / Beam of light
    Rishabh: Superior
    Rishabdev: Lord
    Rishi: Sage
    Rishit: The best
    Rohak: Rising
    Rohini Kumar: Lord Krishna
    Rohinish: Moon
    Rohit / Rohtak: Sun
    Romir: Interesting
    Ronak: Celebration
    Roshan: Illumination
    Rudra: Lord Shiva
    Ruhan: Spiritual
    Rukminesh: Lord Krishna
    Rushabh: Decoration
    Rushil: Charming

    Saanjh: Evening
    Sabal: Possessing strength
    Sachet: Consciousness
    Sachinandan: Lord Chaitanya
    Sachiv: Friend
    Sadar: Respectful
    Sadashiv: Pure
    Sadavir: Ever courageous
    Sadbhuj: Six-armed form of Lord Rama / Krishna
    Sadhan: Religious duties
    Sadhil: Perfect
    Sadhu: Saintly person
    Safal: Succeed
    Sagar: Ocean
    Sahadev: One of the Pandav brothers
    Saharsh: With joy
    Sahasya: Mighty
    Sahat: Strong
    Sajiv: Lively
    Sakash: Illumination
    Salil: Water
    Saptanshu: Fire
    Sarish: Equal
    Sarvak: Whole
    Satrajit: Ever victorious
    Satyajit: Victory of truth
    Satyak: Honest
    Satvik: Virtuous
    Satyam: Honesty / Truth
    Satyanarayan: Lord Vishnu
    Saubal: Mighty
    Saubhadra: Abhimanyu
    Savir: Leader
    Savit: Sun
    Shahalad: Joy
    Shakti: Power
    Shaligram: Lord Vishnu
    Shamak: Makes peace
    Shantanu: Whole
    Shanyu: Benevolent
    Sharat: A season
    Shardul: The best
    Shauchin: Pure
    Shaunak: Wise
    Shaurav: Bear
    Shaurya: Bravery
    Shekhar: Ultimate / Peak
    Shineyu: Shining
    Shishir: Winter
    Shoor: Valiant
    Shrey: Marvellous
    Shridhar: Lord Vishnu
    Shubh: Auspicious
    Shyam: Dark / Lord Krishna
    Shyamal: Lord Krishna
    Shyamsundar: Lord Krishna
    Sohan: Handsome
    Somdev: Lord of the moon
    Soumil: Friend
    Siddhant: Conclusive philosophy / Religious statement
    Sanatan: Eternal religion / Associate of Lord Chaitanya
    Sanchay: Collection
    Sanjay: Victorious
    Sanjit: Who is always victorious
    Sanjiv: Vital
    Sanket: Sign / Holy place in Braj
    Sanshray: Aim
    Santosh: Satisfaction
    Saptajit: Conqueror of seven elements
    Siddharth: Accomplished
    Siddhsvarup: Pure form
    Sridatta: Given by God
    Srivas: One of Lord Chaitanya’s associates​
    Srinivas: One of Lord Chaitanya’s associates
    Sthir: Focused / stationary
    Subhash: Who speaks good words
    Subhang: Lord Shiva
    Subodh: Good sense
    Sudama: Lord Krishna’s friend
    Suday: Gift
    Sudhir: Wise
    Sudhit: Kind
    Sinha: Hero
    Sulek: Sun
    Sumant: Friendly
    Sumay / Sumed: Wise
    Sumeet: Friendly
    Sunar: Happy
    Sunay: Wise
    Suraj: Sun
    Surush: Shining
    Surya: Sun God
    Suryanshu: Sunbeam
    Sushant: Quiet
    Sushil: Person of good character
    Sushim: Moonstone
    Swami: Lord
    Swarit: Towards heaven
    Syon: Gentle
    Syum / Syun: A ray

    Vanad: Cloud
    Vanamali: Lord Krishna with a flower garland
    Varadraj: Lord Vishnu
    Varsan: Holy Place in Vrindavan
    Varun: Lord of water
    Vasant: A season / Spring
    Vasudev: Lord Krishna’s father
    Vasur: Precious
    Vatsa: Son
    Vatsal: Love / Affection
    Vaibhav: Glorious / Powerful / Born of the moon
    Vaikunth: Abode of Lord Krishna
    Valmiki: Saint who wrote the Ramayan
    Vaman: Lord Vishnu in a dwarflike incarnation
    Vayu: Lord of the wind
    Vayun: Lively
    Venkatesh: Lord Vishnu / Lord Krishna
    Vibodh: Wise
    Vidhur: Wise one
    Vidyut: Brilliant / Lightening
    Vihaan: Morning / Dawn
    Vijay: Victory
    Vijval: Intelligent
    Vikrant: Brave
    Vilas: Coolness
    Vimal: Clean
    Vishnu: Lord Vishnu
    Visvambhar: Lord Vishnu
    Vishvanath: Lord of the universe
    Visvarup: Beauty of the world
    Vivash: Bright
    Vivek: Intellect / Consciousness
    Vrajalal: Lord Krishna
    Vrajesh: Lord Krishna
    Vrajkishore: Lord Krishna
    Vrajmohan: Lord Krishna
    Vrajraj: Lord Krishna / King of Vrindavan
    Vratesh: Lord Shiva
    Vinay: Humility
    Vineet: Knowledgeable
    Vinesh: Godly
    Vinod: Friend
    Vir: Brave
    Viraj: Sun
    Viral: Precious
    Virat: Massive
    Vishal: Huge
    Vishesh: Special
    Vrishab: Excellent

    Tanvir: Strong
    Taraksh: Mountain
    Tarang: Wave
    Tarendra: Prince of stars
    Taru: Small plant
    Tarun: Young boy
    Tribang: Lord Krishna
    Tripurari: Lord Shiva
    Taj: Crown / Jewel
    Taksheel: Bearer of a strong character
    Tamal: Desire
    Tanak: Prize
    Tanav: Flute
    Tanay: Of the family
    Tanmay: Meditative calm
    Tanish: Ambition
    Trivikram: Lord Vishnu​
    Turag: A thought
    Tuhin: Snowy
    Tushar: Snow / wintery

    Hope you could easily select your child’s name from this list. Thanks again.

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