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    Floor lamps are a great addition to the interior of your home. When placed in just the right place and space, floor lamps can instantly give a room that classic and elegant feel. If you’re thinking of adding floor lamps to your living room, you first have to consider the following things:

    1. The living room is a common area in the house. This means that you and other family members all use the living room. It’s also a place where the family gathers, or where you entertain guests.
    2. Since the living room is a shared space, it means you should also consider the expectations of other family members—what purposes they want the living room to serve. 
    3.  Your living room’s size, as well as the furniture, and even the already existing lighting fixtures should also be considered when determining the best placement of floor lamps.

    Do you like to spend time reading in the living room? Do your other family members like a warm, cozy atmosphere when spending time there? What existing lighting fixtures are already installed? Knowing the answer to these things will help you better determine where to place your floor lamps. 

    If you or your family members want the living room to also be a good place to read a book, you can place a floor lamp to the side of a reading chair or behind it to provide enough illumination when reading. 

    If your main purpose of putting floor lamps is to provide general illumination, you can go with floor lamps that will provide ambient ceiling light that will illuminate the entire living room area. If you have other existing lights to do this, you can incorporate your floor lamp to accentuate a particular part of the living room. If you want floor lights to serve all functions (i.e., task lighting, general lighting, ambient lighting), you can exercise creativity and freedom on the styles you’ll add to your space. For more inspiration, you can visit this online lighting store to browse its catalog of floor lights.

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