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  • Once your bonfire Campaign has ended successfully, you can request your payout via PayPal from the Payouts tab in your Account Dashboard. Contact Bonfire if you would like to change the PayPal account on file, or have any other questions.

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  • Brong Asked on June 5, 2020 in Businesses.

    Hi JoshuaPatch,
    If so, Then I will say that all Thai People are on the wrong track. Because there is no power of Stone.  There is no power of the blessing of monks.  All powers owner is that Almighty who creates us. Who creates this whole world. 
    So We should not pray monks. Monk is a person, a human being. We are also  persons, a human being so we should not prey or respects any Monks
    We should pray to him who creates those monks. 
    He is one. He has no relatives. He is our creator. He feeds us, He saves us from all herms.  He is our Greatest Allah.

    Amulet is nothing. it has no power.

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  • Brong Asked on February 20, 2020 in Make money online.

    I earn a handsome amount of money from my blog by publishing others article.  You can say it sponsored content or guest post. I  think, this is the easiest way to earn money from online. If you also want to earn money like me, Join here.

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  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing may be defined as: “Selling products of other people on the internet”

    Affiliate Marketing is a simple but powerful concept. It is known as the easiest and the quickest way of earning on the net.

    The basic concept of affiliate marketing is to sell the products of other companies on a commission basis, on the internet. The affiliate marketer receives a sales commission on every sale, from the merchant.

    You need to follow these simple and easy steps to start earning as an affiliate marketer.

    1. First of all you need to search a market which you think is the best to start with. Health, sports, clothing, computers, etc. are examples of some hot market areas for an affiliate marketer.

    2. Register with some suitable affiliate program. Choose product(s) to sell. These products are called affiliate products.

    3. For every product, you will receive a specific affiliate link. Now you need to promote your affiliate link to get more and more sales. The success of affiliate marketing depends on this step.

    4. Finally, after selling the product, you will receive the affiliate commissions from the merchant.

    How to Choose an Affiliate Product?

    Before choosing any product or market, the basic thing you should always remember is that you must have a complete knowledge about the demand and worth of the product. You should choose a product which has a big demand plus it is also more profitable. There are some products which are very demanding but they do not give a healthy profit. Some products carry both the qualities and are ideal for you to start with.

    Promote Your Affiliate Link

    After choosing the products, you will receive your affiliate links for each product. You can use many ways to promote your affiliate link. The most popular methods are websites, newsletters, emails, blogs, classified directories etc. You can use all these methods of promotion, at the same time, for best results. There are many other tools and methods to do this. The key point is how to drive the traffic that is really interested in what you are offering. If interested and serious, people will visit your website etc, thus being greater chances of sales.

    When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, visits the merchant’s website and makes a purchase, you will receive your commission. So the number of sales directly depends on how many people see your affiliate link and visit the merchant website.

    How Payments are made to Affiliate Marketers?

    There are different ways of paying the commissions. You can get the commissions through checks (to any country of the world). If you have an online account, then you can be paid through PAYPAL as well. International wire transfer procedure is also used for this purpose. Different merchants offer different ways to transfer money. Usually commissions are paid on the start of every month after verifications.

    What is the Benefit of being a Merchant?

    Merchants, who want to sell products, have two options. The can sell their product on their own or choose to have affiliate marketers. The affiliate marketers will do a promotion of the products and sell the products for the merchant. If merchant chooses to sell the product through the affiliate marketers, it takes less effort and cost to promote the products. Now it becomes the duty of the affiliate marketers to promote the products. Greater are the number of affiliates, greater are the sales for the merchant.

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  • Brong Asked on November 11, 2018 in Do It Yourself (DIY).

    Gardening is my favourite hobby,

    It gives much pleasure and entertainment to me. When I pass my leisure, I generally work in the garden. It is an expression of refreshment and purity. My hobby is gardening. My garden is near our house. I prepared it very carefully. It is a fertile land and I cultivated it with proper manure so that I could grow up different flowers. I have protected it with fence. I fenced it all around very carefully so that no animal could enter it. There are different kinds of flowers in it. Among them rose, tube-rose, grass flowers and the liking. The flowers make my garden look wonderful. We can make garland for our festivals and occasions with these flowers. People come to me for flowers for their common uses. I fulfill their need. Infact, my garden is a great source of pleasure and recreation to me.

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  • Brong Asked on October 19, 2018 in Definition.

    An attestation is a statement attached to an audit report that contains the opinion of the auditor regarding the accuracy of a financial statement.

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  • Brong Asked on October 19, 2018 in General Knowledge Questions & Answers.

      What kind of attestation do you mean?

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    • 1+1=2 because of language. Maths was invented by humans. Humans decided that a single object would be called one and if you had two singles objects, you could put them together and that would be called two. Without humans there would be no human languages and therefore no maths.

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    • Brong Asked on September 30, 2018 in Website & Blog.

      The elaboration form of SMTP is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP  is an Internet standard for electronic mail (email) transmission. First defined by RFC 821 in 1982, it was updated in 2008 with Extended SMTP additions by RFC 5321, which is the protocol in widespread use today.

      SMTP functions for sending emails (electronic mail) by using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

      SMTP is an internet standard for email transmission across IP networks that are typically only used for sending messages to a mail server for relaying.

      The SMTP functions support two ways of sending emails.

      smtp Send, for simple short messages:

      • Only the smtpSend function is needed.
      • The function waits for the mail transfer to complete.

      • The function waits for the mail transfer to complete.
      • Only a short text message.
      • No attachments.

      smtp SendX, for advanced messages:

      • Large text messages.
      • Message text can be built over time.
      • File attachments.
      • Asynchronous mail transfer (depending on the situation, this can also be a disadvantage).
      • Mail transfer progress can be monitored.

      What is the name of best free SMTP plugin in wordpress?

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    • Thank you very much for your available question. SMTP plugin is very important plugins for all website owners for sending newsletter.
      you’ll find a lot of SMTP plugin in WordPress plugins directory but I think this plugins [WP Mail SMTP by WPForms] is very useful for you. I am using this plugin in my website Global Webs Host  and works for me correctly.

      You can also use this plugins – 
      1. WP Mail SMTP by WPForms
      2. Easy WP SMTP
      3. Gmail SMTP

      You can ask any questions on wordpress if you have. And if this plugins does not work for you then let me know.
      Thanks for the questions.

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