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  • Actually consuming alcohol increases water retention(the ability of the body to absorb water) and also makes our body to metabolize calories.
    The result of which, the body stores the calories in the form of “fat” in our body.
    From where the fat comes from?
    Snacks and meals you eat with or after consuming alcohol. Also, drinks like beer contain more calories than other drinks which makes it official “belly maker”.
    What to do?
    You should eat light food while drinking beer and a bit heavy with whiskey. It will reduce the effect on our liver and you won’t get fat easily. Make sure to eat a proper meal at least after 1 hour.
    By the way, consuming alcohol is injurious to our health, avoiding it would be the best solution.

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  • Asked on November 28, 2018 in Programming.
    Android app development consists of 3 stages i.e Designing, programming, and testing.  It doesn’t take much time for a programmer to develop a simple app but business apps can be a tough task for an individual. You should outsource big projects to save time and money.
    Coming to your question, the tools and technologies  that are used by an Android app development company are as follows:

    Designing Tools:

    • Marvel
    • Invision
    • Android Sketch Paper
    • PopApp
    • Android Patterns
    • Adobe Kuler

    Programming  Languages:

    • Java
    • C
    • C++
    • Corona
    • PhoneGap
    • Titanium
    • HTML 5

    Testing Tools:

    • Google Android Emulator
    • The official Android SDK Emulator
    • MobiOne
    • eggplant

    You need to step by step practice all of these technologies to excel in android app development. Yes, it will take time, but don’t spoil your skills by rushing in learning new technologies.

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  • Asked on November 27, 2018 in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    Before explaining the need for SEO, I want you to know what exactly SEO is.
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a set of techniques that are used to enhance the visibility of the website in Search Engine(like Google, Yahoo, Bing).
    Earlier there was not much competition on the internet due to the less accessibility. But now, the era is totally changed, competition is neck to neck as everyone wants to come on top whenever a person searches a related keyword on Google.
    Therefore SEO term came in action. Companies started looking for SEO experts to rank higher on the search result page.
    It is quite obvious, if you will not rank higher on the result page, people won’t be able to know the existence of your business.
    SEO is the key to let your audience find you first before any other company.

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  • Asked on November 26, 2018 in Mobile Phone.

    Here is a list of some popular augmented reality ios apps –

    • Giphy World
    • Carrot Weather
    • Fitness AR
    • IKEA Place
    • Housecraft
    • Measurekit
    • Tapmeasure
    • Euclidean Lands
    • Splitter Critters

    Augmented reality is the future of mobile apps, almost every iPhone app development company is getting clients with a huge demand of AR integration in their apps.
    The success of “Pokemon Go” proves that people are waiting for a technology just like AR in their mobile apps.

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  • Asked on November 26, 2018 in Health & Fitness.

      The answer is Social Media.
      Social media is an ocean of audience who are looking for your fitness services.
      How to attract them?

      • Create a page
      • Post some catchy pictures and videos to engage them.
      • After gaining their trust, start doing the real business.
      • Don’t forget to communicate with them through comments, messages and going live.

      Points to remember,

      • Don’t copy the content from others. Be original, be unique.
      • Don’t use click baits too much.
      • Be punctual and down to earth. Being rude repels audience.
      • Be active for most of the time to monitor the activities on your post. Try to reply to the private messages quickly. Making them wait for a while will turn them off.

      Some of the topmost social media platforms to outgrow your business are Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Quora, and Twitter.

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    • Mobile applications are built for two platforms, Android and IOS operating systems.
      In the development of IOS apps, companies use “Xcode” integrated development environment and “Swift” programming language. Whereas “Android studio” IDE and “Java” programming language are used in Android app development.
      Coming to your question, it is not possible to build a mobile app on mobile itself. So the reason, why we can’t use mobile as a platform for app development,t is
      1. Hardware and software – Mobile phone is not compatible with softwares that are required to develop an app.
      2. Small screen – A mobile app development company provides big screen computers to their developers to boost their productivity. Typing on a small screen like a mobile device will make it hectic for programmers to code.
      3. Speed – Processors and operating system of computers are quite faster and handy than of mobile.
      4. Mobile phones are not designed for compiling huge complex codes.
      In short, it is impossible for now in 2018.
      Maybe it could become possible in future as the technology is evolving very fast.
      Hope the answer was helpful.

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    • Asked on November 16, 2018 in Jobs & Careers.

      Majority of people are waiting for the right time to achieve their goal.
      The reality is, the time you spend waiting for the right time is the time you have already wasted.
      Ask yourself 3 questions,
      1. What I have done till now?
      2. Is it Ok to be like this after 2 years?
      3. Have I even started or how much closer I am towards my goal?
      Your answers to these question will motivate you more than the Youtube motivational videos.
      A person is never motivated more than the self-analysis therapy.
      If you think that you have a lot of time then you are totally wrong.
      Always work like there is no tomorrow.
      Have a mindset of a beginner who is hungry for knowledge.
      Good luck!

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    • If you are looking for a software to manage the performance and on-site tasks of your business then I would highly recommend you to check out Field Titan, a leading field service management software specially designed by experienced developers to enhance the workflow of the business to expand the bandwidth of the productivity scale.

      Field Titan is a creation of Finoit Technologies – a reputed software development company with 8+ years of experience in IT Industry. Finoit is popularly known for their skilled developers who are also expert in communications and coordination. Finoit has delivered some top-grade mobile and web solutions while helping the small businesses to grow rapidly.

      You should give it a shot, consult your ideas with Finoit and I am sure they will turn them into reality.

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    • There are plenty of picnic spots in Delhi for families to spend some quality time together.
      1. India Gate 
      2. Akshardham Temple
      3. Lotus Temple
      4. Zoo near Pragati Maidan
      5. Central Park, Connaught Place
      6. Qutab Minar
      7. Lodhi Gardens
      As per my experience, these places are fun filling for a family picnic.

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    • With a hike in mobile users from millions to billions, one thing is clear that apps are enduring technology that will never stop evolving. There are trends which are introduced now and soon it will get replaced by a new technology after a span of an interval.
      Currently, a mobile app development company has to be updated with the latest technology to fulfill the client’s demands and expectations.
      Some of those mobile app development trends are-

      1. Fast growing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology
      Soon the mobile apps will talk to their user and make it easy to get the work done without even touching the mobile device.  Artificial Intelligence is rapidly taking over the app and web development industry due to which AI experts are in huge demand.

      2. Benefits of Android instant apps
      People who find the lack of memory space in their mobile device is blessed with instant apps. How? Because these instant apps don’t require any installation. Instant apps are already installed in the cloud and provide the smooth functioning to the user without even downloading it.

       3. IoT and Wearable Apps are trending
      Fitband is the best example for IoT and wearable apps. IoT(Internet of Things) is usually applied to sensor apps that are widely used with home appliances, cars, our body and many more. IoT has a huge scope.

      4. The blockchain boom
      Powered by bitcoin, blockchain is a process of maintaining the company records in the form of blocks. For a secure and transparent connection, app developers are definitely going to utilize this technology in the future.

      5. Big data to get bigger in 2018
      In the upcoming time, almost every company will integrate their apps with big data for security and best practices. Although big data also helps the developer to analyze user’s behavior and helps to deal with real-time data which will benefit in the atmosphere of changing trends.

      Innovations have no limit, so maybe the list will be totally changed in 2025. You never know.
      Hope the answer is helpful.

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